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Masonic Homes Morning Clinical Intro Featured

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Additional Info

  • Start Date: Wednesday, 27 March 2024
  • Start Time: 7:00am

You are almost done with the course, hooray! Classroom done! Now onto clinical...
Please refer to the linked documents before clinical. Steve plans to be at Minnesota Masonic Homes at 6:45am. Clinical begins at 7:00am. In case you are unable to locate your instructor at the clinical site, please text or call Steve (952-208-5590) or Survival (612-524-9881). You may also call the Minnesota Masonic Homes 24 hour desk line at (952-948-7000) for additional guidance.

Clinical days

As confirmed via email booking.

Important Documents to review

Please review the following documents:

Welcome document from Minnesota Masonic Homes, click here

Driving directions, click here 

Parking location, click here (please park in the Dan Patch parking lot)

Please review Skill 6: Gown, Glove, and Bag Linen | click here

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