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Student Accounts Office (3)

CNA - COA - Tuition and Fees


1  Tuition and Fees $800
2  Nursing Assistant Textbook $40
3  Nursing Assistant Kit $40
4  ZHI Student ID Card  $20 
5  Background Study | Read more $50
6  Fingerprinting and photograph fees payable to fingerprinting site $9.10
7  Uniform (Navy Blue)  $30 - 39
8  Onsite Tuberculosis | Mantoux Screening | Chest X-ray | Read more   $30 - 99
9  State Exam Fees Payable to a Technical or Community College  $205 - 250 
 10 Parking | Internet | Student Lounge | Career Counseling | Job Placement  FREE 

Reimbursement for Tuition and Fees: Both federal and state law require Medicare-certified health care facilities to reimburse nursing assistants for the cost of their training and testing if they meet the following conditions:

  1. The nursing assistant has received a job offer from the facility within 12 months of completing the training and testing. The facility is not obligated to reimburse the nursing assistant if more than 12 months have passed since completion of training and testing.
  2. The nursing assistant has not already been reimbursed by another facility. Reimbursement must be made by the first facility where the nursing assistant is employed 90 days from the date of the job offer.
  3. The nursing assistant has not quit or been terminated within 90 days of the job offer.
  4. The nursing assistant has actually paid for the cost of training and testing him/herself. It is important to keep all receipts, as the facility is not required to reimburse the nursing assistant without proof that he or she paid for the training and materials.

Nursing assistants must be reimbursed for the following expenses:

  1. Tuition and mandatory fees and insurance
  2. Required textbooks and supplies
  3. Uniforms and shoes that are required for the clinical experience
  4. Mileage: To be reimbursed, the student must have kept mileage records and must request reimbursement.
  5. Cost of the State Competency Exam: The facility is required to reimburse the student for the cost of the test and up to two retakes. (If either portion of the test is not passed in three attempts, the nursing assistant must retake the nursing assistant course).
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